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United States
hi im jimmy.

i cosplay
i eat a lot
i sleep a lot
i like zombies
i do hair
i do make up
i hate whales

Current Residence: los angeles
ahh! how did fanime get so close! i still haven't even started on any of my own costumes. anyway, like always, all our cosplay plans changed. batman is still going but since ha;f the group isnt doing arkham asylum/city versions, ive decided to take the easy route and switch to the young justice version of nightwing... :3

also, we will be bringing back the TEEN TITANS. hurraaaahh. some of us have switched characters, and we decided to go for the "the new teen titans" era where i will be slutty undie robin. a few of us have switched characters, but we even have a cyborg this time! i cant wait.

andd lastly, we will be doing adventure time! this is our excuse to wear the least amount of civilian clothes possible. why wear some jeans and a tee to get some food when i can run around with my amazing fleece hat and short shorts as finn the human. :D

yea my lack of decisiveness is annoying but talking about it helps me vent the stresses of having not even started.. in some weird procrastinating way.
cant wait to see everyone and have crazy adventures at fanime this year! look forward to some progress pics. :3

my cosplays-
nightwing- young justice
mako- legend of korra
robin- old school slutty
finn- adventure time

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KannelArt Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow amazing makeup skills !! 
and cool costplays too !! 
Great cosplays! Do you have a fb page by any chance?
i dont but i am in debate of making one :p
TheOnlyHorse Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you have any fullbody shots of your awesome Raiden cosplay? :D
You are so beautiful and sexy <3 amazing cosplays and makeup too!
thanks, you are too kind XD
Happy Birthday!
I remember running into you at Fanime. Loved your New Dante cosplay. Hella sick. Hope to run into you again someday.
makuroko Mar 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
youre makeup skill is amazing... youre now my new hero ; - ;
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